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About Blomêh

Founder’s letter

I am an independent artist based in Frankfurt (Germany) since 2018. I grew up in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in a family with Italian roots. Looking for innovation, I created BLOMÊH to blend European elegance and Brazilian soul into art and design. With BLOMÊH my desire to materialize my inspirations came true. And a journey of self-discovery started for me.

I love to explore the various materials and textures that I come across in my surroundings. Through art, I create and mold my own language of organic forms. It’s a suave language and at the same time materially robust.

Shaped by my law graduation, for me the details make all the difference. Every time I have a new idea, I put in on paper in painstaking detail to avoid forgetting it. I am a very visual person and enjoy letting my intuition and emotion flow
to infinite possibilities.

My principal objective is to create a body of work that invites to see the world through its forms and surfaces. I desire for BLOMÊH to stage the instantaneous in our lives as art and design. For me, it is the little things that make up or even complete our lives.

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs which inspired me and planted in me the ambition to create something that is truly my own. Something that springs from me and can be canalized into my work.

BLOMÊH aims at expanding the very spirit to the world that Bossa Nova brought to music: elegance, timelessness, and confidence. Surprising combinations of textures, colors and forms, everything handmade, that’s what it comes down to. And the materials must be of superior quality. BLOMÊH revives the conviction that luxury can be enjoyed without exceptions. She is focused on the present and conscious of the future.

Marcelli Kanschik (Founder)

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