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About Carl Patten Fine Art

Early years

Born in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK.  Drawing from the age of 6 years old as a way to amuse myself.  Armed with a cheap blue A4 plastic ring binder and an A4 pad of plain low-quality paper often hunting the house for inspiration. Michael Ayres Junior School, art in the curriculum was enjoyable. Andrew and Lee were good at art too, we all enjoyed the mutual flattery that a nine-year-old peer’s opinion brought. Friendships built, the A4 ring binder gets re-purposed, drawing is replaced by climbing trees, riding my bike and British summers at West or Dark Lane Beach.


Its 1983, Bognor Regis Comprehensive School, and its time to choose subjects for the now defunct ‘O’ Level exam courses. Hmmmm… well art will be easy, I’ll do that as one of my seven subjects.  I make my first foray into pastels and then acrylics. 2 years later, 3 exam pieces submitted results in a Grade B. Not bad…considering the effort. 

‘A’ Level subject choices to be made, I sought advice from Teachers. “Well you’re pretty good at art so why don’t you take that as one subject” 2 years and I achieve a grade A at A Level along side my 2 other subjects.  

Time for University perhaps? Mum listens, Dad……well  “another 3 years? He needs to go get a job and start paying housekeeping”.

The paints and pastels get put away.


 Fast forward past a career in financial services, 2 awesome sons, working 2 jobs, a failed marriage, a second career in retail merchandise planning, meeting the love of my life, immigration to Australia, my second marriage, the birth of my third awesome son and finally the birth of my one and only awesome daughter.

Having spent nearly 2 years as a stay at home Dad has re-kindled my passion for art. I am enjoying using ink to create stipple paintings, with subjects including nudes and landscapes. I hope you enjoy them too. If you like my work feel free to join my mailing list and I will let you know when each piece of work is finished (no spam I promise). If you have already had a browse and you have seen a piece you like, why don’t you visit my shop most pieces are available in varying sizes and there are Limited Edition pieces as well as originals.

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