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About cedric-leneutre.com

It was around the age of 14 that Cédric LENEUTRE met a professor from the BOULE school in Paris “Jacques LOBEL” and an architect from the Paris school of architecture “Emile de PLASSE”. . It is for him the revelation of an interest for the practice of arts, which leads him naturally towards studies in plastic arts then in school of architecture.
His artistic career began in 1989 as a funeral portraitist, he painted the dead, bringing them back to life through painting. After a brief trial period on surrealist painting (1991), he began a career as a digital painter in 1993; the same year he created his graphic design studio with more than ten employees. It was in 1998, after training in molecular biology, that he explored the techniques of Bio-art and created a series of monumental sculptures illustrating the probable drifts that research in this field will one day cause.
At the same time, in 2001, he founded his first digital art school Pôle3D in Roubaix (France). Another, 3axes Institut in 2010 in Tourcoing (France) followed by Rennes in 2014.
Since 2018, on the synthesis of his experiments, he has recomposed a new aesthetic universe and positioned his approach at the same level as the parietal art left by our distant ancestors. Indeed, man has always loved art. Whether it is his cave, his house or his castle, man feels an irresistible need to paint on his walls! Art made man and vice versa.

It is starting from the desire to revisit and renew an aesthetic close to parietal art (painting on the walls) since the Upper Paleolithic that the very first study of painting created by man where geometry naturally found a tangible agreement between resemblance and meaning has emerged.
His experimental objective is to update his style as an almost Darwinian logical continuation of the evolution transformed by hybridization since the origins of man, ignoring forty thousand years of evolution of art.

Like the first works painted by man, he opts for a very similar technique, relatively simple to execute and interpret; with him no irrational pictorial gesture is difficult to reproduce. The structure of the forms intertwine harmoniously under the contrast of bright colors accentuated by clean and sharp contours. The glazed appearance, like a shiny patina, reflects the passage of time stamped over thousands of years. The alteration and impoverishment of visual memory are essential between the time of observation and the moment of reproduction to make room for a new semantics, thus, faced with the intense flow of information, our brain destroys a large volume of subtle details to retain only the fundamental, a kind of overview easier to codify, which leads to a real “truth of memory”. Starting from this principle, its objective focuses on how to express only the points necessary for the understanding of the subject.

In the vast majority of his compositions, the sharp shadows are substituted by an opposition of gradations of colors, subtly arranged between the proportion of the detailed forms and an extended vision of the projection. Each “space-shape” is filled with a gradient of colors, then combines with a staggering of colors over its entirety, this practice leads to a simulation of optical shadows. The whole is delimited by an often black outline, evoking our fenced spaces for a lost freedom.

My approach
Just like parietal art born from the observation of the environment and often rich in relevant details, Cédric LENEUTRE borrows a comparable approach in the understanding and representation of his time: observing and developing factual principles towards a new look. It creates the link between the Upper Paleolithic and our contemporary era to allow the history of prehistory to be resumed where it died out. We can see in it the sign that man has always been programmed for creation.

Far from coating everything with qualifiers and risking being locked into the realm of illustration, his visual representations can move out of their narrative context to fit into their own conceptual domain and function independently.

Representing appearances without their contexts then juxtaposing forms beyond their character, juggling improbable contrasts, astonishing and seducing the spectator, here is the bet of Cédric LENEUTRE, a challenge perhaps, a novelty surely, an indisputable metaphysical emotion : just open your eyes.

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