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About Dan Wilson

Artist Statement:

I create my art because by doing so it gives me a bright and colorful existence in the dark world of chronic pain.  My art offers me a meditative, Zen-like, state that transports me to a pain-free zone in my studio. I transfer my pain to the art using a world of colors, textures, design and the added element of poetry. The viewer can visually explore it by looking for clues concerning my pain. Sometimes it is obvious, and at other times it is hidden and obscure.  I have a neurological disease, Trigeminal Neuralgia, that produces chronic pain in the face and at this time there is no cure for this condition.


Over the years, I have gravitated toward tempera paint as my medium. I find Tempera easy to work with; it offers many different ways to apply it to the surface and it’s easy to use in ‘plein aire’ painting. Using tempera paint in my work adds interest, since it is seldom used by the contemporary artist.  I use many transparent layers of paint to achieve a colorful and textured surface, adding interest for the viewer. When I begin a painting, it is usually spontaneous and intuitive but then I refine and construct my shapes, colors, line and texture to give one a saturated color experience. I use color in a heightened and intense way, which is not necessarily what is found in nature but used to describe my interpretation of nature in an emotional and meaningful way.  This gives my work a rich surface with a deeper and sometimes darker meaning.

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