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David Madero is a Mexican-American sculptor an...







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About David Madero

David Madero is a Mexican-American sculptor and furniture designer who grew up living between Mexico and the United States. Without formal studies in art, he has mastered the technique of producing welded artwork in mild steel, stainless steel, bronze and copper. He uses a variety of welding processes that include Mig, Tig, Stick and Oxyacetylene – in which he has decades of experience.


In the practice of his art, Madero cultivates abstract as well as impressionistic forms in order to elaborate the figurative with textures, polished surfaces and patinas. His subject matter is often fantastical and includes the conceptual as well as the observable; creating a surreal world of his own which invokes the organic and the telluric.


His monumental and smaller works of art have been commissioned by many private collectors and international companies including: Jack Daniel’s, Adobe Photoshop, ESAB, Miller Electric, Trinity Rails, AHMSA and PEMEX.


Madero is considered to be one of the foremost welding sculptors in the world; making him sought after to teach Metal Art Workshops all over the world in countries like Japan, Italy, Kazakhstan, USA and Mexico. One of his greatest passions in life is teaching the wonderful array of possibilities that are found in metal art.

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