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About David Hanner Art Studio

Before discovering his love and passion for painting, David Hanner established a career as a musician and composer of New Music. As such, he had always maintained and nourished a connection to the world of art, and the act of its creation, in particular, was to be intuitively felt and discovered. In this regard, one can say that he can transplant his personal and artistic sense of form and his instinct and sensibility of balance and color to the visual arts. In addition to his upbringing in Germany, his activities as a freelance composer and teacher allowed him to live and work in Austria, Cyprus, and the United States. He now lives in Buffalo, NY, where he works out of his home studio.

“What is most important to me is the discovery of a multidimensional inner space that one enters after allowing art to open one’s door of perception. -The space where time is suspended, and one can reconnect with the inner self. -For this to happen, I need to unburden myself from the urge to depict or tell a story but rather walk a thin line between metaphor and idea.

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