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About Rosi Roys

Rosi Roys is a contemporary Ukrainian artist who has gained professional education in the Lviv National Academy of Arts in the specialty of monumental painting and continued her way as an abstract expressionist. A fundamental point in creativity is not performativity as the end product but as an approach to creating artwork. The primary sources of inspiration are the art of hieroglyphs; that’s why it’s essential mastering each movement, which has been honed over the years. Rosi Roys has several series of artworks, mostly are monochromatic. The limited range of colors also carries one or another symbolism, depending on the series of works.
The artworks are influenced by Eastern culture and the Western experience of abstract expressionism. This symbiosis follows logically from the artist’s origin – Ukraine, which has been the point of contact between these two cultures. Therefore, if we talk about this artist’s place in the modern paradigm of abstract expressionism, that filling of the historical and artistic gap in Ukrainian modernism, which was formed by the totalitarian regime of the USSR.
Right now, for Rosi Roys, the question of rethinking the art of abstract expressionism from a meta-position arises.

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