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About Iacobina

The goal of my work is to use color, texture, and form to create a visually stimulating image. I also use it as an opportunity to explore spontaneity and chance. Most of my inspiration for abstract painting comes from how I feel. Color and shape play a major part in my paintings. They assist me in communicating the story I am trying to tell. When they are all brought together within the painting, it becomes a journey of communication between you, as a viewer, and me, the painter. My messages do not have a precise location in time and/or space. I am captivated by everything related to the appearance of life on earth, possibly on other planets, as well as what happens to us, with all our energy as human beings, after we pass into non-existence. I use images with symbolic twists and turns embedded with elements from the mineral world, plants, and celestial world. Most of the time my paintings tell more than one story. The images are interposed, interlaced, or dissolved in one another much like memories. Each painting is filled with layer upon layer of paint or, lately, alcohol inks or even digital paint, building a rich history into each piece. I am never satisfied with the results of my work. In many ways and many times, this was a shortcoming but it also motivated me not to stop from the process of discovering myself. I think that the moment I get to be fully satisfied with my work this will mean the end of my evolution as an aspiring artist.

The agitation and uncertainty brought by 2020 made me think more than ever about the fragility of our lives. At the border of dreams and reality, I began to explore our significance as beings on this planet, our origins, and the meaning of our existence. Where do we come from, what nothingness did we emerge from, what were the first glimpses, the first sparks, the first gasp of the world we live in? So, I let my imagination fly, and then I put on the canvas what I dream about with my eyes open.

                                          Lately, my canvases contain fragments of dreams about the essence of the great Beginning

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