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About Iacobina

I have always disliked doing what others do, meaning imitating nature to the perfection of a photograph, whether it is a landscape, a plant, or a human figure. In recent years, with easy access to materials and relatively cheap advertising, almost everyone paints and defines himself as an “artist”. I have always been reluctant to classify myself in this way, for two reasons: first, because I believe that a true artist of today brings an original addition to the art world and can also dedicate all his time to the creative process, the second reason being that I am never satisfied with the results of my work. In many ways and many times, this was a shortcoming but it also motivated me not to stop from the process of discovering myself. I think that the moment I get to be fully satisfied with my work this will mean the end of my evolution as an aspiring artist.

Over the years I have tried several styles and, for short periods, I found myself in each of them, as you try a new coat, you like it much, but you can not wear it for an infinite time. So I’ve changed them, the styles, and I noticed that I always gravitate more around the stories aroused by the imagination. Whether it was about digital drawings, acrylics, or alcohol inks, I decided to express my ideas without the constraints of classical painting, and with all the freedom that my imagination gives me, the only real freedom I will ever experience as a human being.

Born in 1971, Buzau, Romania Doina has moved to Chicago in the spring of 2004.

She is a self-taught artist

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