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About Lea Jerlagic

Born in Sarajevo 1984 where she finished most of her education. She starts attending Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 and in 2007 she gets a scholarship from the Chinese Government, spending the next two years in China where she studies Chinese culture, language and the Chinese Woodcut which will leave a significant imprint on her future work. She receives the Master degree at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo 2013 with the work entitled ‘Synaesthesia’, through which she studies phenomenon of transformation of the impulse received through one sense and expressed through another – transforming contemporary dance experience (actively dancing herself at the time) into a form of drawing and Chinese woodblock prints. Her creative work is a constant fusion of apparently separated and irreconcilable aspects of reality, different cultures, media of expression – all with the goal of deeper penetration into mysterious inner world of a human being and his connection to the Universe. At the moment she is studying sacred erotic art of Tantric temples and scriptures. She finds inspiration in her spiritual practice of yoga and tantra, constantly and passionately searching for the ways of integrating revelations into artistic expression.

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