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About Gerhard Petzl

Born 1973, in Graz, Austria

Lives & works in Vevey, Switzerland and Kalsdorf/Graz, Austria.

A visual artist who works with bronze, stone, wood, mixed media, chocolate and does not limit himself to any medium, technique and shape. The exploration is the journey, which brings him into unexplored areas and self-discoveries. He sails between 2D-visuals the classical way of drawings on paper or digital, 3D-sculptures and ends up often even in the field of Science.

Enjoy hopefully something new, something harmonious, get a surprise-smile or have just a good and special moment in time.


  • 2003 – 2005 Masterclasses of Art & Design – sculpturing (with Diploma)  HTBLVA Ortweinschule, Graz, Austria

  • 2002 – Entrepreneur’s exam (Chamber of Commerce, Graz, Austria)

  • 1994 – Master’s degree in Pastries and Confectionery (Chamber of Commerce, St. Pölten, Austria)

  • Nude painting classes – Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria


Received 8 gold medals in international competitions and over 21 awards on 4 continents.


  1. Book: “Science meets chocolate art” (2020) by Gerhard Petzl, Switzerland (ISBN 978-2-9701206-2-9)

  2. Book: “Chocolate Crystals – the soul of chocolate” (2018) by Gerhard Petzl (ISBN  978-2-9701206-0-5)

  3. Book: “The chocolate table” (Project Hong Kong, China) (2018) by Gerhard Petzl (ISBN  978-2-9701206-1-2)

  4. Book: “A Feast for the Eyes” (2019) by Carolyn Tillie, UK (ISBN 978-1-78914-063-7)

15 x on TV (8x Germany, 3x Austria, UK, Poland, Australia, China)

250+ publications in magazines and Newspapers

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