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About german.odessa

Medvetskij German Viktorovich was born in 1967 in Odessa. Graduated from the Odessa Art School. K. Kostandi. In 1992 he graduated with honors from the Odessa Engineering and Construction Institute (now the Odessa Academy of Architecture), faculty architecture. He was very interested in such subjects as painting and drawing. After graduating from the institute, painting became the main occupation and gradually grew into a professional activity. Participated many times in various art exhibitions with maritime and Odessa themes.The recognition of the artist’s work determined the direction in further creativity. Carefully studying the works great masters, he embodies in his paintings the beauty and splendor of the romantic directions in painting, knowing which a person will enrich his life and gain spiritual well-being and happiness. Now the artist works in the style of expressionism. To date, there are more than 4,000 of his paintings that are in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

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