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About Gianluca Citi Art

Gianluca Citi, born October 8, 1967 in Pontedera (PI). He attended the “Istituto statale d’Arte” di Cascina (PI).
Later he worked for the Publisher Corrado Tedeschi di Firenze as illustratotre of rebus, simultaneously collaborating with some advertising agencies as a freelance illustrator.
Then for the Studio101 – Empoli (FI) draw story board to make commercials.
Working at a comics magazine founded with a group of fellow artists, realizzandio some comic stories (graphic novel), by 1997 to 2007 made decorations on furniture and inside houses, painting some tromphe l’oeil of considerable dimensions. At the same time, from 2004 began to experiment with trying a personal art form.
Working with traditional instruments, both computer graphics and photography. Begins to publish on line jobs.
participates in various exhibitions and since 2006 he collaborates with the galleria ArtExpò in Bologna that promotes, with a small participation in the Bologna Art First in 2006.
Then he was invited to participate in the Biennale d’arte contemporanea di Lecce of 2006.
In 2007 he was selected from The artists ‘ Portal as a representative of the portal, the contemporary art fair at the Fortezza da Basso in the 2007 ArteFirenze. exposing with a one-man show at the stand of the portal of artists.
As a result of this involvement, the television program Calendi Art edited by journalist Alessandra Aureli, hosts his work in the transmission for an entire year.
While presenting an attractive painting, and aesthetically accomplished, research led him to continually search for new forms and ideas, and the 2009 begins his first works on cardboard packaging, which begins to promote online, encountering appreciations by cybernauts and collectors.
With Facebook, without despising the traditional galleries, are looking for a direct contact with the public and less mediated by experts and art market speculators, convinced as I am that you are opening a new phase of contemporary art, thanks to the internet, which for now is just beginning, and I in my little I would like to be part of., my idea is that the web is like a white wall in the hands of graffit artistcomparable to that of the years ‘ 80 ‘ 90.
Since 2008 I begin painting on cardboard packaging, and that’s my distinctive figure!!

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