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Hi, dear Art Lovers.

My name is Irena Tone. I am a full-time painter, textile artist, and sculptor, creating artworks in my art studio in London.

I primarily create my paintings in acrylics on canvas, make fabric artwork stretched on a wood stretcher, and work on the metal minimalist sculpture in a creative couple with my husband Ros, also a sculptor. I am working in a series and love the middle and large formats, working on a minimalistic abstract style for all types of works: starting from ‘women’s essence’ paintings and ending the sculptures.

If we talk about new ideas – they arise when I notice layers in the objects surrounding me. Layers can be texture or color, intersecting or bordering each other. That is, everything that has layers and may contain them due to its nature or the external/human influence, such as a stormy sky, asphalt, animal hair, pieces of fabrics, human exact pose or total look, etc look like different planes superimposed on one another for me.

When something interests me, I am immediately separating that to layers in my head. I plan the exact colors and the right amount I need for a better result. I prefer when viewers immediately see an analogy. The main forms I use for building the analogy are shapes and spheres. I experiment with different materials to find the layering effect I want. For example, in acrylic paintings, I achieve this with color, in textile works – by overlaying pieces of fabric, in sculpture – by metal spheres touching each other.

I have a special reverent attitude towards spherical objects. I express it by working on sculptures. I am amazed and inspired by the fact that our entire Universe and every object in it consists of spheres: molecules and atoms. A simple form builds a complex one. In my approach, I go from the opposite, representing complex things in simple forms. So, my bear consists of only 7 simple metal balls, but this laconicism and minimalism do not stop making him a bear. Do you agree?

Hope you will find something interesting in my art.
Best and best wishes,
Irena Tone

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