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About JoeQuinnOnline

The framed wall pictures in my shop are for example purposes only! 

I was born and raised in Kansas City, but have traveled extensively in the United States with my music and/or artwork.

I started in music and art at basically the same age. I was about 11 or 12… and I never looked back!

I started as a painter, oils and acrylics, but found myself drawn to drawing! I love to draw kids and eyes, but any subject is a new love for me!

God gave me some pretty awesome gifts and it just fills me with so much gratitude to be able to share those gifts in the forms of music and art! To share them with everyone I can in His name!

My art is created firstly as a sketch. Then I scan it and print it. I refine the details and add the color.  I scan it again and play with the colors and contrast in an editing program, but not changing the original sketch. I deliver the finished piece as a large HD file, which can then be printed and framed in any size desired. I also print and frame on occasion if requested, but that does add more to the final cost.

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