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About John C Furtado

I have loved art my whole life. As a child I would draw constantly and later paint as well. I have studied all the Masters, old and new.

After a 45 year career in Software Engineering and later Infrastructure Technology, I retired and began painting full time. I have painted over 100 paintings in the last three years and have won a number of awards.

I belong to a number of Artist Associations:

  • International – Art Limited
  • Domestic – Artists in Montreal
  • Local – In my city of Beaconsfield, I hold the position of VP in the Beaconsfield Artists Association

I regularly exhibit my work in a number of venues.

My style is varied. Mainly in paint in Acrylic, where often I paint personalities in Geometric form and I mostly paint in Impressionist style. Lately, I have ventured into Liquid Oil and Alcohol Inks.



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