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About Jspired Art

Jspired Art is the intimate vision and expression of emotions by renowned artist Janna Doughty.  Known for her bright colors and portraits, Jspired Art embodies pieces inspired by the everyday world.  Describing her works as inspirations she stumbles upon in her day, she creates pieces to tell a story.  Jspired Art works incorporate layered colors that move across the canvas.  You may not always see the hidden details she incorporates at first.

” I want people to travel across the canvas, and discover the story along the way.”  – Janna

Jspired Art was born over 5 years ago by Janna who decided to brand and sign all pieces under the pseudo name.  “It’s a play on words, a person very dear to me, has been my inspiration and driving force, the name is a homage to them.”  – Janna

Jspired Art paintings are in public and private collections spanning the globe, most notably in Florida where her studio is located.  Her works have been on display in Ruth Eckerd Hall, Amalie Arena along with a number of other local businesses.

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