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My hallmarks are:

As a special art, I create mixed media art using real wine, liquor, soil from the vineyards and spices. An explanation of the terms I have developed for my painting techniques:

WINEporTRAIT© – is created with a real wine and soil from the exact vineyard. It is a portrait of the wine itself: how I “see” and feel the wine after tasting it. This process was developed by myself and requires a good technical knowledge and a longer time to create. I have called this style IVVArt – In Vino Veritas Art Method©. The COA includes a written report of the painting process and the data of the wine.

Winepainting – can include more than one wine paste and the COA does not include details of the wine(s).

ReMixArt – is a type of upcycling or re-recycling art where something new and special or even exclusive is created from old materials.

Spirit of Art – Art of Spirit – Art is Spirit: is a further development of the IVVArt method© in which I use spirits (gin, raspberry brandy, etc.) and real spices directly from the distillery.

+: Acrylic on stretched canvases and smaller contemporary installations or drawings on paper are also part of my artistic portfolio.

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