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The Creative Process…what more can I say...







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About keithworx

The Creative Process…what more can I say? Over the years I’ve learned to look at things as a whole, rather than trying to pick it into parts.
This sort of thinking can get you into trouble when putting together, or blocking a piece.
There’s nothing scarier than a blank canvas, and
until the initial pencil or brush hits it, you could be at a loss as to the approach.
I appreciate the look and feel of subject matter from life.
Learning to break down a potential product either for profit, gift, or self satisfaction is rewarding.
Once you look at something as a combination of space, light, form, composition, proportion, and the
relationships these components
have to each other, you begin to gain a sense as to approach. and when the brush or pencil
hits the canvas or paper, respectively, it all takes off from there.
Never do something as an obligation. The work will look stiff and lifeless if you do.
There are plenty of things in life to be inspired by,
and there’s nothing like the feeling of driving by a scene, or looking at a photo and
realize, ‘I need to do my take on that’.
I appreciate detail and a studied approach to creating art. This is why my works are such,
because I take the time to bring them to life.
Please enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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