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About Kimberly Merck-Moore Fine Art

I create mixed media art, which is technically defined as art with more than one medium.  My works are created with wood, paper clay, acrylics, copper and glass. I begin by building a wood panel, or box.  Texture medium is added, and then as many as thirty layers of acrylic washes. I then sculpt onto the surface with a clay made from paper and a binder. The clay is then painted, and I add leaves that have been embossed, painted and cut from copper.

As a native Texan, I grew up with a forest behind my home and spent my childhood playing and imagining amongst the trees.  “The Secret Garden” was my favorite book as a child, and is truly the inspiration behind my creations.

I studied psychology while in college, but creating art is what feeds my soul.


Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine “Mixed Excellence Award”, 2nd place, published in the January/February 2017 edition

Cover of “Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine



Woodland Waterway Arts Festival, Best in Show for Mixed Media

Covington Three Rivers Art Festival, Award of distinction



State of Texas Commendation for the exhibition “Women in Their Elements” at the Art Center of Waco

Covington Three Rivers Art Festival, Award of Distinction

“Art in the Garden”, Fort Worth, People’s Choice Award

“Art in the Garden”, Fort Worth, First Place, 3D Art category



Waco Cultural Arts Festival, Best in Show for Mixed Media

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