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About Steffi Krenzek / Fregenius Art

My name is Steffi Krenzek, and I am an artist who paints and draws with a creative spirit and a left-handed flourish, straight from the heart of Germany, Europe. My journey on this planet began in 1974, and my bloodline carries a rich artistic heritage, as two of my ancestors were also painters. I like to think that their artistic genes have been passed on to me, and this fueled my passion for painting from the earliest days of my childhood.

Pastels are my most treasured medium. In the past, my canvas would come alive with bright, sometimes ethereal landscapes. I love miniature paintings and delicate details too.
But, as with all artists, my style underwent a metamorphosis. Today, my heart is set on sketching children enveloped in dreamy, imaginary places.

In addition to my paintings, I am an illustrator for children’s books. My artwork often weaves a tale with poetry, bringing words and visuals together in a harmony that speaks to the soul. A new book with an english poet is in the making. If you wish to take a deeper dive into my world, Arts Artists Artwork offers an insightful interview about my journey and my art, eloquently penned by Nikki Finnigan.

Looking back, my love for art blossomed in the schoolyard, where I would draw small pictures for my classmates. From those humble beginnings, with each stroke of the brush, my love for painting grew. Now, my artwork has been embraced by the world. My pieces have crossed seas to find homes in the USA, Great Britain, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Wales, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.

In my belief, every monumental accomplishment has its roots in something incredibly small and pure. This might be the reason why painting children holds a special place in my heart. They embody the essence of purity and hope, with an innate belief in love and a bright future. I paint to remind not just myself but every beholder of my art – especially the adults who might own them – to gaze through the eyes of a child and see the immense beauty in the little things. It is these little things that serve as the building blocks for the greatness that is yet to be. It is also a reminder of the significant responsibility we have in preserving this beauty.

Love the subtleties, embrace the world, believe in the goodness, and witness the positive change that can be achieved when the heart is in the right place.

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