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About Steffi Krenzek / Fregenius Art

My Name is Steffi Krenzek and I’m a left handed painter, drawer and creative soul from Germany/Europe. Born in 1974. Two of my anchestors were Artists too. So I got a bit of their talent and startet painting since my earliest childhood.

I’m addicted to bright, and often imaginary landscapes, miniaturepainting and tiny details. From my first starts at the schoolyard, drawing little pics for classmates for free until now, I’m painting with my full heart and soul. Exhibtions held in Gemany Europe and exponates of my work are sold to Ireland, Norway, England, U.S.A., Australia and New Zealand by now. Developing  my style and expression.

Always trying to capture the moods and lights, that fill my heart with joy, hope and fullfillment. Wishing I can give the beholder the same feelings back. All great things begin very, very small. Beware the eyes of a child to discover all the beauty that lies within little things, that will give the foundation to grow. And more and more important to protect all this beauty around us. Everybody can do little things, to make the big things better.

Love the beauty. Love the world.

So am I. So I paint.”


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