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About Marilynn Tebbit

After having made my first sale, I’ve learned how expensive shipping can be. I could end up paying twice what I asked for the painting. As result, I will lower my prices, but add PLUS SHIPPING. The best way is, if you don’t live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area, is to contact me stating you wish to purchase a particular item and give me your address.  I can then take it to UPS to get a price. I will then add it to the purchase price of the picture on the website so you can BUY NOW. When the payment goes through, I’ll send the item. Anyone in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, we can arrange delivery/pick up at no ex cost. email: Or, direct message me on Messenger

As for my bio: I live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland and belong to the North Van Arts Center, where I usually have a piece in Sales and Rentals. I’ve sold in their Anonymous Art Show. For several years, I’ve also exhibited and sold in the Federation of Canadian Artists Ten Squared show and long ago in the Ferry Building Gallery, and the Lonsdale Seymour. I have also been juried into a show in the downtown library, the Jewish Community Centre, and have had displays in coffee shops. My work is currently in Camelia near Royal Oak station. My style is surrealistic; I play with images from life and the net which excite me for their beauty and technical challenge. I like to play with materials and technique, combining subjects in an eclectic manner. I do take commissions; if I can see a picture clearly, I can replicate it fairly accurately. I also make and remake clothes, write, lift weights, and keep a parrot. For income, I work as a tutor and barista.

I’m on Facebook. Search Marilynn-Author-Artist-Tebbit, as well as Instagram under my name.

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