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About Meghan Basi

Meghana, also called Meghan Basi is a 17 yrs old natural talent.  She started engaging with colors at a very young age. By 8 yrs, she started drawing gracefully on bigger canvases expressing her dynamic SELF! Her first solo exhibit at age 12 was a window for Organizations to notice her and she embarked on a philanthropic journey.  Later on, she met her mentors Jim and Ken at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts for high school.  It took her several years to understand and delve into the spectrum of ART, from age three till now at 17.   Her progress throughout this journey has changed her perspective as an artist and Meghartz(her art brand, also her online school-Globalartacademy by Meghartz- is growing and evolving with each passing day.

HER ARTIST STATEMENT:  My art-making process is when I lose conscience.  While working on any piece, I don’t realize the surroundings or ideas of what I’m doing or making, I’m usually clueless.  Sometimes not having a clear-cut idea can help you explore and widen your horizons.  Sometimes you feel, you made a mistake, but mistakes happen for a reason and they could create the most interesting and diverse pieces of art. For me, art-making is after all an invention, but intending to reduce expectations and not focus on the outcomes so much.  The outcomes are unpredictable, but that’s when you know, you are on the right track. I don’t keep a count of what type of materials in particular I gather, whatever is around me, it’s almost as though it is meant for me to see it at that moment.   I always get this vibe that I’m not the only one wanting to create my art, but I also have this upper force, as a support.


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