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About Melanie Renaux Studio

Hi, I’m Melanie Renaux, an artist based in the UK. My work has been exhibited at the Lace Market Gallery Nottingham & Artworks Gallery Newcastle. Most of my work is Tenebrist aiming; to illuminate the subject through “dramatic illumination”. I am influenced by Jan Davidsz de Heem and Caravaggio. I love the Old Dutch masters and The Baroque period.
My process, I predominantly paint still life. For a still life painting, I use objects that appeal to me because of their form, colour and surface structure. Working primarily in oils on canvas; I produce artwork that is intricate’ emotive and colourful.
I love to paint, detail and colour have always fascinated me; I try to achieve some degree of realism, but the paintings do not fall in the category of ‘photo realism’ in which every detail is painted. I try to achieve realism using the illusion of detail.
I also use scale, in my portal of a subject matter, as an integral part of the creative approach this enables my work to take on its individuality, balance and vision of the subject.
If you would like to see more work in progress or be notified of new paintings. Please pop over to

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