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About Millie-King

I have been attracted to the shapes and colors in nature since I was a small child playing in the fields near my home and I always wanted to draw what I saw around me, so in my early years I dreamed of becoming an artist. As I grew, art became a hobby for me and a method of expressing those interests and of keeping the dream alive. As an adult, I painted mostly wildlife realistically, and sold most of what I painted through word of mouth and local art shows.
I couldn’t seriously study art until later in life, but the life dream ultimately did come true culminating in a Master of Arts degree.
Today, putting thoughts and ideas in a visual form is a way of bringing a non-physical idea into physical reality and from solving the playful “what if “ questions that form in my mind as I look at things around me, these questions lay the foundation for such works as such as Mars Landing-Splashdown, which answers the question What if the universe could fit into a martini glass? and Red Moon, which became the inspirations for another playful painting titled The Manhattan Project and answering the question what if the red moon were a giant cherry?
My intent is to cause viewers to playfully question what they see – reality from a different perspective and in so doing I introduce unexpected visual changes to occur, like a shape suddenly appearing as a figure or some other realistic object. It’s called visual ambiguity and by repeating the process I can create more works. Different applications of this concept are found in different paintings and serve to overlap and unify the work.

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