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About Nasia Houvarda

Nasia was born in England but was raised in Greece.  Today she spends her time between Greece and Canada.

She found out about her artistic character when she had a lifechanging experience in 2001.  A car accident left her with extreme burn injuries on her body but extreme determination to survive.

Accepting her new reality and scarred body required a lot of willpower, but she wasn’t ready to give up without a fight. She was struggling to find ways to use her injured hands again, and with her mothers help and guidance, she challenged her self with embroidery, mosaic and painting.

She has been painting ever since her injuries and although creating was hurting her physically, it was the only thing that soothed her mentally and helped her go through most of her dark moments, when life was hard and the pain unbearable.

She is a self taught artist with passion to bring life to blank canvasses using her emotions and love for nature. Trees fascinate her for all the similarities they share with humans. On some of her paintings you will find materials like real bark and pieces of wood to represent life,  and metal pieces to represent strength..

  Her humble burning desire is to share

  ..her passion for life,

  ..her love for the world and her optimism for the future.

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