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About Noemi Piaggesi

Hi! Thanks for being here!
My name is Noemi Piaggesi, I am in a small Italian country, currently living in Bologna where I have been a veterinarian for more than twenty years in a clinic in the city.
In addition to dedicating myself to small patients, however, I have always followed my artistic career with great passion and great passion.
Since I was a child I love to paint and, to improve my self-taught technique, in parallel with high school and university, I attended courses in painting, decoration and the school of the nude at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna where I had the opportunity to portray many models in the most varied and interesting poses from an artistic point of view.
However, I remember with particular affection and nostalgia my first “Life Drawing Course” I attended in my beautiful hometown.
It was wonderful, as well as very instructive, to follow my teacher and colleagues through alleys and squares with easels and colors!
I really love my artistic profession which has given me so many gratifications and recognitions from an ever-growing audience.
My Facebook page is now followed by more than 7,000 fans who come from all over the world.
Many thanks to all! <3

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