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About Outta Vibez

I Have Always had an interest in Art, Inspired by 

Andy Warhol 

This is the First Artist that Inspired me, His art show Emotion, Fun and Great Creativity and Kookiness.

The Next Great Artist I was Inspired is

Freda Kahlo

Her Art is Honest, Vivid and Her use of Color and Shapes is Inspiring. She was Pure Genius !!

I Started Painting because I was stresses and Writing, Reading was the my may outlet of Release.

I found out that I could paint by’ Accident’ or you could say my Daughter.

She Wanted to Paint a picture as kids do . I continued to experiment and found out I loved Doing it.

“I learn Something New Everyday,

Try Something new Every day

and Loving the Journey so Far

So Join the Fun and Grow with Me ”

Tez Nelson

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