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Meet Alex Smillie, an artist who revels in spontaneity and embraces the serendipity that life brings to his canvas. With a creative approach that is refreshingly organic, Alex’s art flourishes when he abandons rigid plans and instead allows the flow of inspiration to guide him. In the midst of this uncharted journey, something magical begins to emerge – be it a face, a shape, or a budding concept – which Alex intuitively nurtures into a full-fledged artwork. This process, which keeps both him and his audience on their toes, is what renders his art distinctively edgy and enigmatic.

Recent admirers have coined the term “Abstract Illustrative” to describe Alex’s work – a label that resonates with him and adds a dash of cool to his unique style. Alex’s artistic journey is as unconventional as his approach; he confesses to not knowing much about the history of art and never having taken an art lesson. Interestingly, Alex embarked on this path only five years ago. The profound impact it has since had on his life is a testament to the transformative power of art.

His color palette is bold and uncomplicated, with a strong affinity for primary colors – red, blue, green, and yellow. Black also holds a special place in his heart. While shades of orange and purple occasionally grace his canvas, he generally remains true to his primary color ‘path’. His candid admission of struggling with shading adds to his authenticity.

A fascinating aspect of Alex’s work is his refreshingly honest approach to drawing. Traditional drawing, which often involves replicating images or objects, is not his strong suit. This, however, is where Alex’s ingenuity shines through. He draws from the depths of his imagination, unhindered by preconceived notions. This imaginative aspect is alluring, and his work becomes a rendezvous where the artist’s vision and the viewer’s perception meet.

Alex is dyslexic, and while he acknowledges the challenges it poses, he does not see it as a hindrance to his art. His approach reflects an artist who has embraced his unique perspective and turned it into a strength. His work is not about creating an exact replica of what he sees but rather an expression of the emotions and images that spontaneously flow through him.

What started as an unplanned adventure has, over the last five years, evolved into a defining journey where Alex Smillie has, perhaps unknowingly, carved out a distinct style that’s all his own. His work is a reminder that art is not just about precision; it’s about passion, imagination, and the surprises that await when you let your soul guide the brush.





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