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About Rakhmet Redzhepov

Born in 1954, the Turkmen SSR. RAKHMET was born in the family of an artist.
1961-1970-school number 7 in Ashgabat. The eldest and younger sister were faithful companions of his childhood, and
RAHMET carried his good affection for them through all the intricacies of his life.
1966-1970 Children’s Art School named after Byashim Nurali, Ashgabat.
In parallel, sports; tennis and rowing.
1970-1974 theater and decoration department. Turkmen State Art College named after Shota Rustavelli. Ashgabat
While learning craft skills in an educational institution, he also took over all the secrets of craftsmanship
from his father, the artist Juma.
1973 — Trip to Moscow — visited the Tretyakov Gallery, Leningrad Hermitage, and visited Riga.
1974-Passed accelerated animator courses at the Turkmenfilm film studio and worked there for several months at the first
Turkmen cartoon.
1975-A thirst for adventure drove RAKHMET on travel; Novaya Kakhovka in Ukraine, worked there as an artist in the House
of Culture, then Odessa, Leningrad, Riga, Moscow.
And he made sketches everywhere, painted and gained impressions. These were years of wanderings.
Soon he moved to Moscow, where the opportunities for artists were much greater.
However, in the 1970s and 80s, it was difficult to make a living selling paintings because of state control over art.
At the same time, RAKHMET cut, sewed, and sold clothes to make ends meet.
By 1985, during the restructuring, Gorbachev gave Rakhmet and other artists
the opportunity to sell paintings in art markets. Active creative and exhibition activities began.

Since 1970 more than 5,000 paintings and sculptures have been created. Almost all of them are in private collections around the world.

Personal exhibition:
1989 in the gallery “PICASSO” Jyväskylä, Finland
1989 he conducted a master class for several years in Finland. And alsoparticipatedin exhibition activities
1990 in the gallery “Janus Avivson Gallery” Camden Town,LondonEngland.Since
1991″Symbols are collapsing” Kaatar Kamari, Lauka, Jyväskylä,Finland
1999 in the Central House of Artists-Krymsky Val Moscow Russia
2000 “Prelude of Love” in “Bastey Passage” 16 Basteya St. Riga
2001 in the House of the Blackheads Riga, Latvia
2001 in the gallery “M-6” Riga, Latvia.
2001 = 2006- in his gallery “RA” Grecenieku-7 St.,Riga,Latvia
2002 in the ANKOL hall, Slokas-35 street, Riga, Latvia
2009 “Love is always” Moscow House, Riga, Latvia
2010 gallery “ARIA”Jurmala Latvia
2016 “Ballet and Landscape” in “ORIGO” Riga Latvia

Group exhibition:
1980 Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
1986 “17th youth on the Kuznetsk bridge-MOSH” Moscow Russia
1997 “Reflections” – hotel “Sofitel Iris”Moscow,Russia
1997 “Bonjour Moscou” -hotel “Sofitel Iris” Moscow,Russia
2002 “West-Eastern sofa”, gallery “NELLIA” Riga, Latvia
2015 “Movement” at the Menzendof House Riga, Latvia
2015 Participation in a charity auction of the Rotary Club. Riga, Latvia
2015 “Hear Your Heart-II” in the “Association of Artists of theRussianHouse” 97 Tallinas St. Riga, Latvia
2016 competition named after Yasep Pigoznya, St. Peter’sBasilica,Riga, Latvia
2016 “Concept through the eyes of the artist” in the “BIARTGALLERY”Riga Latvia
2016 “Spring constellation” in “Coca Riga” May.Krasotayu 12, Riga,Latvia
2016″Christmas vernissage 2016″ in the Riga City Council, RigaLatvia
2016″Pas de deux” at the Menzendof House Riga,Latvia
2016 “MARINA”, Jurmala City Museum, Latvia.
2017contest “Painting of the Year” “Daile Theater”Riga, Latvia
2017 “Autumn Rhapsody” in the Riga City Council RigaLatvia
2017at the Art Council Latvia gallery at the Baltic Beach Hotel,Jurmala,Latvia
2017 “Summer in Jurmala” at the “PEGAS” Jurmala, Latvia
2017 “Calico Ball” in “Figaro Art”, Riharda Vagnera 14Riga,Latvia
2017 “FLOWER VERNISAGE” in “Figaro ART” Riharda Vagnera 14,Riga,Latvia
2018 Art Shopping-Paris Carrousel du Louvre ParisFrance.
2018 Group exhibition “Autumn2018”, “Association of Artists of the Russian House”RigaLatvia
2018 Group exhibition “ART RIGA FAIR 2018″ Riga Latvia
2019″MARINA 2019” Jurmala Latvia
2020 competition named after Yasep Pigoznya, St. Peter’s Basilica
2020 III International annual competition exhibition GRATA BALVA “fifth civilization”

2021 “MARINA 2021” Jurmala Latvia

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