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About Rick Wedel

In the studio it’s all about the moment. I don’t think about lessons learned or advice given, though they are all there. I try my best to not think at all. Working this way over years, I fall into a rhythm and state where a thousand simple decisions come down to what pops to mind first and what feels right. I rely on there being all the information and experiences I’ve collected, but to not consider any of them.

There is a base connection we have to the human form. It’s visual weight is enormous, even in it’s generalized or abstracted depictions. For me the figure is on one side of the scales, the expressive mark on the other. I love how little figure it takes to give solid ground. Interest in this innate connection to the figurative form is what has caused most changes in how I approach images. I have opted for texture over detail as a way to describe the figure. I enjoy anonymity due to the way it encourages interpretation, and concealing the identity of figures and environments is an invitation to the viewer.

My work is about expression and interpretation. I seek to give the viewer options, and open up a visual dialogue between the figure and its abstracted environment. With the expressive mark I seek to create interpretive form and an image that evolves over time. Art becomes memorable when people make their own connections with it. In my work I’ve created starting points from which the viewer can play.

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