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About rissocreative

G’day there,

I’m Carissa also known as Risso, An intuitive expressionist artist from Brisbane, Australia. My creative practice is all about enhancing wellbeing through creativity.

I paint mostly free-flowing abstracts, create digital art, and explore mixed media and textiles.

It’s through my well-being journey and diagnosis of mental health condition BiPolar, I’ve really honored my creative practice.

My creativity plays an important part in keeping me grounded. It’s my safe haven. It gives me a routine where I can consistently show up, achieve, explore and grow.

I am passionate about personal growth and supporting individuals to find and recognise their authentic self-creative style. It is my mission to consistently show up in my creative practice with joy, passion, and love. To let go of judgment and focus mindfully on growth, development and see where my creative practices lead to.

I’m on the path to building a creative consultancy with the purpose of inspiring, guiding, empowering, and encouraging others to participate in creativity.

Currently, I am working towards publishing my artistic autobiography. I hope to launch this in October 2021. The funds from all artworks purchased contribute to my goal of becoming a published author.

On a more personal and lighter note, I often dream about owning a small loft-style tiny house with a collaborative artistic studio attached, by the beach on the Sunshine Coast.

I hope you find joy and encouragement in my artwork. Please do contact me if you have any questions I love to hear from my artistic followers.

Here are my contact details:

Social handle: @risso_creative

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