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About Russell D Pulford

About Russell D Pulford
Russell was born and brought up in London. After finishing school and art college he worked in the advertising and marketing industry notably at Vogue Magazine and Harpers Bazaar Magazine. Following 15 successful, formative years he emigrated to Australia. After many years working in the Australian advertising and marketing industry, which involved a good deal of travel throughout Asia, Europe and beyond, he decided that it was time for a change.
Russell had promised himself for a long time that, “Next year I am going to start painting,” in 2015 he finally took the plunge. Russell usually works with acrylic paints and other additional mediums such as gel and occasionally plaster. Mostly he uses palette knives.

Artist Statement

My Art?

It is simply interpretation. That’s all. I work with acrylic paints, adding gel allows me to push and pull the paint around, to blend it and importantly achieve that sharp impasto.

Our wonderful environment is the motivation behind my landscape painting. We are not caring for it as we should and I hope my work provides a reminder of a pristine environment free of plastic waste, fracking or reservoirs of coal ash for example. There are so many beautiful places to visit and paint. I have many favourite places.
When I am painting I might listen to music on other occasions it is quiet, It is all about the mood.
How do I start?
Well it’s simple. I have either photographic references from visits to particular places or perhaps supplied by a client. I sketch out a rough outline of where things should be and then I am straight in to it.
I paint in the flat where I can walk around or spin the canvas around as I please. Painting for me is a form of meditation. I am transported to the subject that I am working on. I am reminded of the time, the smells, the feeling and realisation of how insignificant we are as humans in the whole scheme of things.
I see landscapes in sections – sky, ocean, land whatever there might be, the shadows and the light pull them all together to make the whole picture. I like to talk to my paintings as I am working, as they evolve. I guess someone on the outside looking in would find it strange to say the least.
I love ballet and dance generally, live performances inspire my paintings of this art form.
How would I like viewers of my artwork to respond?
I would like them to be enticed by the different textures, holding their attention as they find themselves transported to the heart of the work.


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