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About Sean Kalley Art

Beauty in the natural world always grabbed my attention as a young child, yet creativity in art would happen much later. In 2009 while going through multiple surgeries I decided to start sketching to pass the time while healing. It was apparent that life was going to be different, and I needed something to replace an overly physical lifestyle at the time. After 12 years of creating art, it is a part of life every day, and has led to some amazing discoveries about what I want and how to give back.

Making art is always an adventure from beginning till end with a new piece, and I love this the most through the process. Being self-taught and through a lot of trial and error, I enjoy a lot of mediums and not one. It is like being a kid again and go with what feels right for the art piece. One of the biggest goals is to be sustainable in every art piece that is created, so most of the pieces are created on sustainable fibers or reclaimed materials.

Throughout life I have moved around a lot, change is a part of who we, and it is reflected in the art. I am committed to creating as a part of community, while promoting other artists, musicians and local businesses. Creativity is for everyone and art connects us, which inspires others to find their passion. It is our choice in expression back into the world that defines each of us uniquely, and I choose light. Life has followed so many other paths then my own, and now cannot imagine waking up doing anything else than creating. You can view my work at and Instagram or Youtube under Sean Kalley Art, and can be reached at ​[email protected]​. Thank you for appreciating creativity.

by Sean Kalley Art

Description  Artistic Observations is a collection of artwork and journal entries from Artist Sean Kalley. It consists of 50 original pieces in different media and authentic reflections about the world, life continuously changing, and personal growth. We live and learn through experiences, and this is what makes us unique in our expression. This an entry …

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