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About Sissel Endresen

I want to focus on some of what I think we humans should take better care of and protect – locally, nationally and globally. In particular, I am concerned with striking a blow for our endangered species, species diversity, nature, the environment and that what we own, we should maintain and repair – not just use and throw away.

I also paint to show how beautiful nature is in all its richness of detail with all its shapes and lines, with all its contrasts and in its great diversity.

In my project “Enduring values”  I consider some of our conservation-worthy livestock breeds, such as Telemarkskua (a cow), Kystgeita (a goat) and Dølahesten (a horse). They are an important part of our cultural history and genetic diversity.

I have done this in combination with bunad (folk costume) silver and other elements from bunad embroidery, rose paint, brocade fabrics and a curling iron and wrought iron pattern. I want to integrate these elements in the paintings because they are about values ​​that can last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation.

In addition, I am weak for such details – think intricate patterns are especially beautiful and full of life. I think this has been in me all my life, but 20 years in the bunad industry has probably affected me a bit.

My interest in animals and nature, a long-standing desire in my childhood and adolescence to become a veterinarian or marine biologist, having a job in the goldsmith industry and the last years in the folk costume industry have probably helped to shape my artistic voice.

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