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About soulartist

Forced by a mental disease we had to depart from the presumable security of a corporate world and give up our jobs as a banker and an entrepreneur – our outer gold. Our path led us to discover meditation which transformed our whole life. On this journey of self-discovery, we faced darkness, fears and anguish, but the journey was worth it. There was new gold to discover: our artistic potential – our inner gold.

We came to discover an innovative way to combine meditation with artistic expression. Our works spring from our deepest source and are an expression of our soul. Led by the heart we let the existence speak through us in the respective moment. Instead of having a clear-cut idea on what we want to express, we become completely receptive and let ourselves be guided freely by the flow of the moment. Colors, forms and tools just become vehicles for this flow.

While the ego is set to rest on the banks of the river of meditation, we have the chance to express the innermost core. A state of flow can be experienced and brought onto the canvas. Our subjective perception of form and colors are then born into an objective piece of art. While both of us handle this process in a unique way, we also join our ying and yang energies to co-create. Some pieces are worked on by both of us simultaneously, other sequentially and again others are individual creations.

Once the expressive flow is finished, we observe and interpret the work ourselves. Sometimes the forms and colors invite us to add shapes and figures to the work and on other occasions we leave it completely abstract for the individual interpretation of the spectator.

We came to realize that this meditative space could be felt by others while looking at our works. Once created, our pieces radiate the vibrations of our meditative energy into any room they decorate. This revelation gave us additional drive to focus more on our art and share our energy through this medium.

Many Zen masters have expressed the silence they found in meditation through art. Our experience of the space within is filled with colors, shapes, motion and emotion. For us meditation is not a dry, serious and holy matter, but something existential, playful and alive. We invite you to participate in this energy and discover your inner gold through our art.

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