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About Niniane's PaperCuts Art

Open alternative color thinking-new paper cuts artworks.

Welcome to the world of colorful colors. The color and saturation of the paper are fully revealed here. Every angle of tailoring determines the moment of completion. At that moment, the author and the painting have life, and they must merge together. Art of harmony and balance was born.

Mixing and matching of colors and composition are the Artist’s expertise and part of her joy of life.

Artist Niniane Tsai has been in the digital content industry for many years and has been exposed to many future technology applications. She has cooperated with foreign technology and game manufacturers. Unconstrained and creative deconstruction often occurs. In recent years, she has devoted himself to the creation of fantasy novels and the art of cutting and painting.

She belongs to the newborn of contemporary art, May different visions and fantasy abilities, every work presented can open your heart and accept the blessings of this painting.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    very good and let me eyes open!
    • thank you very much!