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About tamaz kh

Tamaz Kh was born on September 15, 1975 in the Republic of Georgia . His talent was already remarkably evident when he was 5 years old. In many fields of art, In 1991 he began specializing art university in Tbilisi. In 1995 Tamaz graduated from Art University .In 1996 he had to work in Greece. In 1999 Tamaz exhibited at the Manhattan Art Gallery on 5th Avenue and in February 2001. Also on October 15, 2001, Tamaz organized an exhibition in ramnarine gallery.In 2002 Tamaz, after exhibitions,he started working with art stained glass He mastered the full mosaic art in stained glass.In 2007 Tamaz opened its corporation.In2020 Tamaz became a member of the New York Artists Association Foundation.
In 2020, he started massively deepening his art He is going to participate in an art expo international exhibition in Manhattan in 2021. . He has given rise to the popularity and foundation of Georgia. And is also a member of the York Artists Equity Association.and national sculpture- society. and international Association or art-usa.Participated in internet contests during the 2020 pandemic. He was also a winner in the IAA organization and was awarded the title of International Professional Artist by Aria, a joint decision of the organization and UNESCO..The work (paintings) as well as the bronze sculpture were presented in Avugust 2020. New Jersey Jersey City in the Russian art museum. afterThe Virtual Solo Exhibition margo gallery new York da will be held on August 20, 2020 .And also has scheduled many exhibitions and plans for the future. In 2020, tamaz participated in the Luxembourg Art Competition where it was awarded the Luxembourg Museum Certificate.

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