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About Thelma Haffner

Fantasy can never be dismissed in our lives. It is the essence of every true dream and the pixie dust that makes our minds fly into a world of perfect harmony.

 Thelma was born in Anapolis, Goias, Brazil. Since a very young age, her art studies included sketching, charcoal, pastel, oil on canvas, and murals. She also started playing the piano at the age of eight and currently composes and plays her own piano music.
She left Brazil at the age of twenty and lived in England for three years, where she obtained the Advanced Level on Art at Brighton College through the University of London. She also obtained the Cambridge Certificate in English. Thelma then spent some time in France, where she had awesome experiences painting under the great light of southern France. In 1992, she moved to America where she resides today. She studied drawing, composition, and oil painting at Truman College in Chicago.
Thelma has taught art in her own home for the past 10 years and continues to do so today. In addition to being an artist, piano composer, and piano player; she is a writer. Her Ibook, “The Land Behind the Moon” includes her own writing, illustrations, and piano music.
Thelma’s dreams are to help numerous poor families in many parts of her home country, Brazil, by her income from art and music. She also wishes that her artwork transmits peace and comfort to those who are suffering. She owes her inspiration and talent to God. “I always pray and ask Him to empower my hands for a wonderful artwork. I believe He has great plans and a reason for my successful future in the art field”.
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