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About Lilya Volskaya

About Liliya Volskaya

PURPOSE OF MY ART The renewal of people’s feelings, the development of creative thinking, the ability not to build restrictions. This is the goal I am pursuing.. The huge potential that is in each of us screams about the need to free a person from his fears, about personal Freedom. Features of my art collections. The magic of rhythm, the dance of light and shadow (the contrast of light and dark), emotions between ice and flame (the contrast of warm and cold), the music of lines, the fluidity of forms, the magic of nuances (volume, shadows, highlights), the art of composition and the subtleties of sequential introduction of colors, hypnotic drawing and the use of double-imprint techniques. In addition to all of the above, each work has its own history. You can read about this in the description of the paintings. A distinctive feature of my paintings in the technique: oil on canvas. Maximum positive attitude. The paintings radiate the energy of goodness. Painting with open flowers. The collections “Dedication to the Impressionists” and “Dreamcatcher” are interesting because they were created on the water with the help of ceramic paints or EBRU paints, while the paints are eco-friendly, prepared by me from natural pigments. This technique is owned by several masters all over the world. I think there are about ten of them. I will tell you frankly: creating my paintings, I am transported to other dimensions. I become a brush in the hands of God. The water is fascinating. Penetrating into its essence, I, as a guide, broadcast its messages to the world. You need a special attitude to paint in this technique. The main thing is to keep the question in mind and address the water with maximum respect and respect, and she talks to you with paints, drawings, allows you to take the image on canvas without damaging it. This is real magic. The series are unique, it is not possible to repeat them. A collector, by purchasing a work, becomes the only owner of a rare painting in the whole world that cannot be forged. Works in the collage technique also have my author’s handwriting. The vision of the composition with the photographer’s eye, the use of a torn crumpled edge, the combination of elements in order to build a multidimensional space. I’m still at the beginning of the journey. The real discoveries are still ahead. BIOGRAPHY She was born in 1968 in the Science City of Chernogolovka, Moscow region.A wonderful atmosphere of untouched pristine nature, intelligent residents and a kind wonderful world for learning about yourself and others.Childhood and growing up took place in ideal conditions. She graduated from art school at the age of 15. Later she worked in another specialty, but everywhere she drew posters, posters, participated in painting competitions, studied EBRU in Turkey in 2002- 2005. She completed a course in painting and drawing in the workshop of Alexander Sergeev 2005- 2007 MGAKHI.V.I. Surikova. She completed training and internship in the MIX technique at the PEVEO factory in France in 2009. In 2021, she completed a course in collage painting. Lives and works in Moscow.He is engaged in painting and decorative art in various techniques. Prefers oriental techniques of drawing on water – Ebru, Ceramic Style, often experiments using wet acrylic in painting, resin filling. In classical painting, he owns the techniques of oil, palette knife. Collage came into her creative life only in 2021.A separate series was created with works in this technique. Actively engaged in exhibition activities, participates in competitive projects. She has held 4 solo exhibitions in Moscow and participated in 9 joint art projects. She was awarded diplomas and commemorative award and thank-you letters. The artist’s paintings are in private collections in Russia and Europe. Engaged in public and charitable activities. Conducts classes and workshops for children and adults.In 2021, she participated in 2 museum exhibitions: the Darwin Museum and the FSB Border Museum, an exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland, the ARTVOX project and a competition exhibition in Spain in Costa Bravo “Dali’s Mustache”. PERSONAL PROFILE « The PURPOSE of MY ART: to push people to the Foundation of feelings, it is very well developed thinking. The potential in each person asks for personal freedom, liberation from fears and uncertainty.» Lilya Guseva is a Russian artist who has exhibited nationally. She uses the pseudonym Lilya Volskaya. She studied EBRU in Turkey in 2002-2005 and completed a course in painting and drawing in the workshop of Alexander Sergeev 2005-2007 MGAKHI named after V. I. Surikov. She lives and works in Moscow. Lilya creates using eastern techniques of drawing on water – Ebru, Ceramic Style, and some more traditional – wet acrylic, resin pouring, classical oil painting, palette knife. Lilya Volskaya P A I N T E R | R U S S I A EXHIBITIONS • 2021 – ARTBOX PROJECTS Zurich 3.0, Swissartexpo 25-29.08.2021 Switzerland • 2021 – “DALI’S Mustache” Fiestalonia Milenio.Spain Costa Brava, 20.10 2021 -10.11.2021 Giverola • 2021 – LAND after… / DARWIN MUSEUM – Moscow, Russia • 2021 – Sky and Space / Central Border Museum of the FSB of Russia – Moscow, Russia • 2020 – Mosgorkras 2020 / Library of a name of Alexander Green – Moscow, Russia • 2019 – Spring is so diferent / central library named after A. Green – Moscow, Russia • 2014 – Colors Of Summer / Art platform of the Double V Group of Companies – Moscow, Russia • 2007 – Impressionists in Ebru style / Exhibition area of the plant Red October – Moscow, Russia • 2019 – Christmas in the house / Moscow House of Amateur Art – Moscow, Russia • 2016 – Russia – Different, Dear / Moscow House of Amateur Art – Moscow, Russia • 2015 – Summer impromptu higher school of environmental design / White Hall of MARKHI – Moscow, Russia

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