Waves of Infinity Invitation to The Sowl with Milly Martionou


The Sowl Gallery

Solo Exhibition: Waves of Infinity

The Sowl Gallery is celebrating the launch of Milly Martionou’s new exhibition entitled Waves of Infinity. The internationally acclaimed artist is best known for her intensely colored and exuberant artworks. The exhibition will include eleven important large-scale paintings selected from the collection Dreamscapes, alongside her recent work Elements with the latter making its debut at the exhibition.

This exhibition focuses on the expressive freedom of direct process at the core of abstract expressionism, while revealing inward reverie and painterly expression in these works by individuals responding to imaginary places, memories and life experiences. The visitors will have the chance to discover the significant artist’s masterful marking techniques known as “dripping” or, in the widest sense of the term, “action painting”.

Milly Martionou is a renowned abstract expressionist artist based in Athens, Greece. The greatness of her artworks lies in the matter that the visitor is experiencing the positive and optimistic view of life. The colors she uses are vibrant and intense just like our deepest thoughts and passions. Martionou’s artwork releases a strong energy like a wave of joy, which leads us to infinity by offering the sense of traveling to mysterious landscapes where time stops and everything is possible. Impressively, the paintings guide us through an escape from our daily routine; during this journey we become wiser and stronger, we feel capable to face the difficulties of life and offer ourselves the ammunition to pursue our dreams and bring them to reality.

For the artist “We are the protagonists in our own dreams – if we believe in them, maybe we can make our daily existence a little more magical…”

Milly Martionou’s short Biography

Milly Martionou received a Diploma of Graphic Design from Plaka School (1993-1995). She completed her undergraduate degree at Hertfordshire University of London (1996-1997) where she obtained the Diploma in Fine Arts (1997-2000).

Solo Exhibitions

Sofitel Athens Airport, solo exhibition (Athens 2014-2015)
Municipal Art Gallery of Mykonos, solo exhibition (Mykonos, Greece 2015)

Group Exhibitions

Vienna Showcase (Vienna, 2013)
Not Another Art Show at THE BLENDER GALLERY (Athens, 2013)
Salon National Des Beaux Arts, Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, 2013)
ART MONACO ‘14, Salon d ‘art con-temporain par excellence (Monaco, 2014)
Nina Torres Fine Art (Miami, 2014)
Le Grand Exposition Universalle, Eiffel Tower 2014 (Paris 2014)
Barcelona Art Fair 2014 (Barcelona 2014)
Galleria 360 (Florence March 2015)
RomArt 2015 (Rome, May 2015)

Curator: Aimilia Sotirchou


Exhibition Opening: 29.1.2016, 20.00
Duration: 30th January – 19th February 2016
Herakleidon 10, Thissio, 11851, Athens, Greece
E: info@thesowl.com – gallery@thesowl.com
W: www.thesowl.com
T: 2103450003





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