What traits do you feel are important for an artist?


What a great question!

What traits do you feel are important for an artist?

We posed this question to the audience at Arts, Artists, Artwork fan page on Facebook and received a tremendous response. A lot of commonalities as people shared like minded views. A wide variety of responses, too.  Some really exceptional thoughts were shared, too, adding richness for all who participated. What a great resource something like this becomes!

It’s really worth a visit and a read. Here are some highlights.

Being sincere; ability to take constructive criticism and do effective branding of ur work !

Arts, Artists, Artwork how do you mean effective branding of your work?

Eric Hanson In my case, I consider my branding to be, “Make this art instantly recognizable as Eric Hanson’s”…whatever that might entail.

Many artists switch things up so often that there’s no way anyone could recognize it all as coming from the same artist. It’s no different than wearing a different disguise every time you leave the house: It might demonstrate how creative you are, but nobody’s ever going to know you.

I pick a style and stick with it for a while before introducing a new one. As a result, people remember me.

There’s more there. This reply by Eric Hanson stood out.

Then we get into the socio-political, philosophical question of why you produce art and who you produce art for?

Amy Bounds Pure and simply being able to shut out the world and delve into your own mind. You should NEVER be creating for anyone but yourself. Anything for anyone but yourself is inauthentic. Trust yourself. Trust your ideas. Trust your mind. Trust your authenticity. Nothing in this world can compare to that.

Arts, Artists, Artwork Those are difficult semantics to rationalize. An artist creates for themselves, sure, but they also do it with the goal of being able to support themselves with their work. So to say you don’t do it for anyone else is kind of inaccurate.

Arts, Artists, Artwork I should rephrase that slightly as some people just do it as a hobby and haven’t a care or need to support themselves through their art.

Amy Bounds Arts, Artists, Artwork Yes, it is hard to make a living on your artwork if you aren’t thinking of pleasing someone else’s eye. But, it is also not truly authentic if you can’t let your creative side just go deep into the center of your mind without letting outside influences muddle your network of thoughts and ideas. How do great groundbreaking works come about? Not by creating something for someone else. This only comes about by finding something new within oneself.

And there’s more with this one, too, if you care to visit the post. Here it is again if you want to click over.

Adding more to the mix in a way which brings more balance, we get the following Top Comment.

David Cassidy To know who you are and what you want out of the process. To be able to confidently paint what YOU want to paint, comfortable with the fact that few people will get it, let alone purchase it. Or… Paint what the market expects and wants although it’s not who you are. But I need this too for bread and butter money. To be able to combine these 2 approaches without self doubt or internal conflict.

It takes courage and life experience to pull it off successfully I think. Cheers guys. Davo

Now that’s more like it. A little dose of reality for what it takes to be able to eat.

Want to know more? Visit the post here.

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