by Lee Down

Arts Artists Artwork Founder, Lee Down, was interviewed for the Social Origin Podcast and the podcast has now been published. The interview can be listened to via Spotify or iTunes. Below, you can listen right here from our website with the Spotify podcast. In the interview, Down talks about his journey in the tech industry, …

by Lee Down

Know Where You Stand is an evocative photoshop art project created by American artist Seth Tara for the History Channel. You’d never expect something like this would face penalties from Facebook for violating their Community Standards. But that’s exactly what happened to us. Approximately two-and-a-half years ago, in 2019, we shared a set of images …
Scam artists try to steal from visual artists
by Lee Down

Scam artists often target visual artists with a common message trying to con them out of money. It is a common occurrence for visual artists, typically painters from what I’ve witnessed, to get these messages via email or social media expressing interest in purchasing their art. Recently, Dimitri Sirenko, received one of these messages and …
Creating Art for a Living
by Lee Down

Christopher Durant writes a list of 8 points for artists interested in making a living from their art.

by nicolegarrison

To build yourself as an artist, get recognized, and sell more artwork, you need more than amazing art. You have to connect with people. An artist’s bio is your chance to allow others a glimpse into who you are. Your story can be that final drop that will lead to a flow of purchases and …
Sophie McKay Knight, acrylic painting
by Lee Down

The creative life can be quietly gratifying. The thing is to allow ourselves to become a vessel for a work of art to come through and allow that work to guide our hands


Hello Artists! My name is Karrie Ross, I too am an artist and in 2013 I created a yearly art-project-book series that spotlights artists, their art and a story. The artists I know really like to share what is happening in their lives. One of the things that make us who we are, are the …
Thomas Andrew - How to Create a Calendar
by ThomasAndrewArt

Creating a wall calendar is actually quite simple. It makes for a great present, which also acts as a year-round marketing tool. Plus, the profit margin on this beautiful gift item is very good. Here are the steps to producing a wall calendar and a video you can watch. 1) Take pictures of your artwork …
A Blanket of Sky by Dawn Rodger
by Lee Down

Have you ever wondered why so much art is being posted online? Who are all those seemingly successful artists who embrace the online market effortlessly? It is as if they have some virtual fairy godmother waving their wand at Facebook and Instagram, doing their every whim and desire! How do they get so many people …
Sgt Pepper Album Cover Art
by mfaris

by Michael Faris What makes a good album cover? It’s a weird format, being square, which can be circumvented by a clever artist (by using background tricks to “reformat” it into a rectangle). It should somehow be visually related to the band and the music. It should somehow reflect the zeitgeist of the times or …