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Roger Scruton Examines Why Beauty Matters
Why Beauty Matters hosted by Roger Scruton is a wonderful examination of the role beauty has in our... Read More
Silence in My Mind, 60 x 80 cm acrylic by Mo Tuncay
Mo Tuncay: Abstract, but on Track
Mo Tuncay is a self-taught and extraordinarily gifted abstract artist who paints, not so much... Read More
Open Impressionism Volume II: Featuring the Works of Erin Hanson
Open Impressionism Volume II: Featuring the Works of Erin Hanson
Los Angeles-based impressionist, Erin Hanson, has been painting landscapes of distant trails and... Read More
The Crane Situation, mixed media by Pascal Normand
Pascal Normand: The Art of Social Purdah, Pariah and Paradox
Pascal Normand / Rustique Design It is uncanny already that something as seemingly “low-brow”... Read More
Carnival of the Animals by AJ Mittendorf Book Cover
The Carnival of the Animals by AAA’s own A. J. Mittendorf
Carnival of the Animals is a series of fourteen short musical pieces written in 1886 by French... Read More
Dance of Wildflowers, 36 x 48 inch oil on canvas by Erin Hanson
Dance of Wildflowers by Erin Hanson
Northwestern wildflowers dance along the tree shadows cast by a late afternoon sun. The summer... Read More


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