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Artist Art and Story Books
Call to USA Artists: Get included in Art Book 7 by Karrie Ross
Hello Artists! My name is Karrie Ross, I too am an artist and in 2013 I created a yearly... Read More
Thomas Andrew - How to Create a Calendar
Create Your Own Artist Wall Calendar
Creating a wall calendar is actually quite simple. It makes for a great present, which also acts as... Read More
Fler-de-lis, 50x60cm, cold batik on silk by Valentina Butnarciuc
Contemporary Artist, Valentina Butnarciuc
Valentina Butnarciuc is a contemporary artist of Ukrainian origin. She has a unique painting... Read More
A Blanket of Sky by Dawn Rodger
Art Consumers - The New Generation on Social Media
Have you ever wondered why so much art is being posted online? Who are all those seemingly... Read More
Along with Heartfield and Grosz, Hausmann in 1920 helped organize the First International Dada Fair
John Heartfield, Anti-Nazi Artist
By Michael Faris The photomontage artist John Heartfield is best known for his very public... Read More
Erin Hanson, Zion Vista
Zion Exhibition Features Erin Hanson’s Contemporary Impressionism
Zion National Park Museum’s Impressions of Zion Exhibition Features Erin Hanson’s Vibrant... Read More

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