Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?Click to Submit Your Question via the Contact Us page. Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?
Click to Submit Your Question via the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

Click Login to visit the Login page. Below the Login fields there is a phrase asking Did you lose your password? Click this and on the next screen enter your username or email address. The site will send you a link via email so you can reset your password.

Do I need to be logged in to use the Favorites feature?

No, the Favorites function utilizes Cookies with your web browser. So they’ll always be available whether you are logged in or logged out. But should you use a different web browser, a different device, or clear your browsing history / cookies, they will not be available.

Why have I been banned?

Did you get a page stating your IP has been banned? This is a security feature that inhibits hacker attempts on the website. You probably clicked login a few too many times or had difficulty logging in. This can happen. You will notice that there is a link on the page where you can Unban your IP. Click the link, follow the steps to prove you are not a robot program and the site should reload for you.

Who is One Man Can Human Capital Development?

One Man Can Human Capital Development is the umbrella business I started back in 2004/2005 as a Life Coach. Everything I’ve done since then has stemmed from the philosophy of developing others. Arts, Artists, Artwork was one project that was born out of that time. For security reasons I continue to use this PayPal account for all transactions with this website. To have it make more sense for artists joining the site and buyers making purchases, I have updated the PayPal profile to read AAA AND OMC (Short) and AAA ONE MAN CAN (Long) on credit card statements. I hope this helps avoid any confusion. One Man Can Human Capital Development has a long history with PayPal and has a solid reputation which benefits all of us.

Do you still have questions?

Please visit our Contact Us page to submit your question and we’ll endeavor to answer it within one business day.

How soon is the artwork shipped after it is purchased?

Our expectation is that artists will ship an artwork within 2-3 business days of it’s purchase. Artists will update your order with the tracking number and tracking website’s url so you can monitor the shipment in transit. Please refer to the link on each product page for each artist’s Shipping & Refund Policies.

How long does it take to receive the shipment once shipped?

As all artworks sold on Arts, Artists, Artwork are dispatched directly from the artist, delivery times can vary.

An example: A purchase made in the US, shipped to a US address via ground, can take 4 days to be delivered. International shipments may not be much longer, but it really depends on each destination country’s customs process.

Always expect some delays as shipments get processed through customs. Be aware of your own country’s issues and delays when receiving items through customs. Artists will provide a tracking number and the tracking site’s url so you can monitor progress of the shipment.

What happens if the shipment is damaged?

Artists shipping rates are calculated to include insurance, so the Artist will follow up with the shipping carrier to resolve the insurance complaint and the customer will receive a refund. Contact both the Artist and our administration team to coordinate. We require the Order # so keep the email you receive for you order.

Do Not dispose of any of the shipping materials. The Artist will require photos and the original packaging in order to successfully make the insurance claim.Is there a Return Policy?Arts, Artists, Artwork expects every artist to provide their individual policies for Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges. We encourage artists to offer a 7-day return policy from the date the shipment is delivered. Arrangements can be made with the artist but also must be communicated with Arts, Artists, Artwork to process the refund amount. The Buyer is expected to pay for return shipping costs which can be deducted from the refund if the artist arranges the pick up and return. The return shipment must also be insured. Check each artists Shipping & Refunds Policies link on any of their product listings. 

Also, be aware that some countries cannot accept returned artworks and are therefore considered restricted: Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Syria, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Belarus. So sales from artists in those countries essentially mean the sale is final. To explore options for returning the artwork, communicate with the artist directly to see if they have a workaround but do not expect success.

Can I change my shipping address?

Due to PayPal’s policies, we are required to ship to the exact address tied to the PayPal payment they receive from a buyer to ensure they’re covered by PayPal’s protections. If you wish to change the shipping address for a purchase, a refund and payment resubmission is required.

My artwork has not yet arrived

In the event that your artwork has not arrived, we recommend checking the tracking details through the order details on your account. If these are a little unclear, please do contact the artist directly via our messaging system for an update.

How can I contact an artist on the site?

Login or Register to login and visit the Artist’s profile. Under their avatar, name, and About Me heading there is a mail icon beside the word Contact; press that to start a message to send the artist. You can inquire about a commission, or follow up on an order and shipment.What destinations do artists ship to?As all artworks sold on Arts, Artists, Artwork are dispatched directly from the artist, the shipping destination really depends on them.

If you fall in love with an artwork but the artist does not ship to your country, simply reach out to the artist via our messaging system with your shipping request.

What happens if I’m charged taxes and duties?

Unfortunately, international shipments may be subject to additional import taxes and custom duties which will need to be paid upfront by you, the receiver. While you will have to pay the fees in order for the artwork to be released, we encourage customers to reach out to the artist directly via our messaging system to chat about any concerns you may have.

What courier do our artists ship with?

Our artists choose which couriers to use themselves. Once the artwork has been dispatched, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email that includes the tracking number and tracking website url. If you do not receive an email with this information, you can always login and view your Order History and see the details. If there is no tracking website url and tracking number, visit the Artist’s page and click Contact to message them with your concerns.

How can I track my order?

Once the artwork has been dispatched, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email that includes the tracking number and tracking website url. If you do not receive an email with this information, you can always login and view your Order History and see the details. If there is no tracking website url and tracking number, visit the Artist’s page and click Contact to message them with your concerns.

Do you still have questions?

 Please visit our Contact Us page to submit your question and we’ll endeavor to answer it within one business day.

How long does it take to be paid when a purchase is made?

We have intentionally automated this process and typically the artist receives the 85% of the sale price and 100% of the shipping cost within the hour of the purchase being made. Any abuses of this privilege result in Vendor stores on the site being suspended.

Which membership option should I choose?

All artists are required to sign up for the Primary Member plan. This is a yearly membership fee that supports operations and marketing. This member level allows an artist to create a public profile to showcase up to 24 pieces of art. They can also utilize the messaging platform to communicate with potential buyers. When you are logged in as a Primary Member you will see Upgrade to Vendor in the top menu bar. Upgrading to this level adds all the functionality to run your own store on the site allowing potential buyers to buy your art directly from you. Artists upgraded to the Vendor level can list up to 200 artworks in their store.Are there any other payment options besides PayPal?No, unfortunately we are not set up yet to handle payments any other way. For our own protection, your protection, and buyer’s protection we have opted to start our project with PayPal for it’s ease of use and extensive coverage. If you’re unable to use PayPal, I’m sorry, our platform cannot be used.Help! English isn’t my first language!If English isn’t your first language, we’re more than happy to proofread your artist statement or work description. Please forward your text to there a guide to getting set-up and selling?Yes! Once you’ve signed up and logged on, your dashboard prominently displays a sidebar menu. The first item on that dashboard are Instructions. Please note, there are different instruction pages for Primary Member and Upgraded Vendor Member.Are there any Statistics available for artists?Yes, your initial Dashboard view will display some basic statistics about your store. You can keep an eye on:

  • Traffic to your store for the last 7 days or 30 days.
  • Received orders for the last 7 days or 30 days.
  • Total sales for the last 7 or 30 days.
  • Your earnings for the last 7 or 30 days.
  • Your withdrawals (payments we made to you) for the last 7 or 30 days.
  • A Visitors Maps shows visits by country for the last 7 or 30 days.
  • And a few other informative sections for pending shipping, sales report, reviews, and added artworks.
What are announcements?

Whenever we (the AAA team) want to share something with you, this is where we’ll do it! Whether it’s an upgrade, something went wrong, or advice to get the most out of the site,  we’ll mention it here, so watch this space. You’ll see a Red Dot over Announcements menu that will indicate a new message is available to read.

Can I respond to a customer’s review?

Responding to a review is a sure fire way to demonstrate your commitment to creating a positive experience for customers of the Arts, Artists, Artwork website. It’s positive for the community and very positive for you. When a customer leaves a review you should get an email notifying you of the review and you can click the link in there to respond on the site. If you login to your dashboard you can also see the reviews at the bottom of the Dashboard page and can click Reply from there.

How do I contact my customer once they place their order?

When the Order is received you will receive an email notification that contains the contact details for the Buyer. You will have the opportunity to follow up with them via email or telephone if they leave their phone number. It is recommended you invite them to message you on the website using our messaging system so we can provide a level of support if it is ever needed.

How do I respond to customer inquiries on AAA’s messaging system?

When logged in and viewing your dashboard, there is a sidebar menu and the last item listed is the Messages option. This takes you to your inbox where you can reply to messages from potential buyers and even from other artists on the site. Keep an eye on your email inbox; our website will email you notifications for messages you receive.

How should I price my artworks?

Follow this basic pricing strategy to get started!

Basic pricing strategy:

  • Set an acceptable hourly rate
  • Multiply this by the hours spent creating an artwork
  • Adding costs for materials on top

Consider the Market:

While it is important to price your artworks on their own merit, it is also very important to consider what’s going on in the world of art around you:

  • Consider how other artworks that are similar to yours by artists who have experienced similar success
  • Compare your art in terms of size, style, medium
  • While it is easy to focus in on your area of the art market, don’t make that focus too narrow – be aware of how others are pricing their artworks, even if they bear no resemblance to yours. Knowledge such as this is an indicator of the direction that the broader art market may be going.
  • Think objectively about your art and where it lies in the grand scheme of things. But think objectively – perhaps invite somebody who knows your work, but isn’t family, or your harshest critic for that matter. You are looking for an objective valuation.

Limited editions:

Setting prices for editions is not much different to the strategy above:

  • Take the above basic pricing strategy and add value for additional considerations for the entire edition e.g. how much does it cost to produce an entire edition of 50 prints? And how many hours do you spend doing this?
  • Then divide this total by the number of editions to get a price per unit
  • Keep in mind that all editions should ideally sell out!

Other factors to consider:

  • Exhibiting success and other accomplishments in the art world
  • How long you have been selling for
  • Further costs, including commission charges and gallery guidelines, need also to be taken into account.
  • If you find yourself consistently selling the majority of your output over an extended period of time, you should consider upping your hourly rate, or applying a 10% increase to your existing prices.
  • Can you justify the price? Can you break it down and explain it to another person? If not, it might make sense to review your pricing.
How can I hide and un-hide an artwork from my shop?

When logged into the Dashboard, visit Artworks via the sidebar menu and choose the artwork you wish to hide or un-hide. Click the Edit button to view the details of the artwork listing you created. Across the right side at the top is Catalog Visibility. Click that and you can select Hidden to make it hidden, or select Shop and search results to make it visible again. Alternatively, you could always change the Artwork to Draft which is a button a little higher up from the Catalog Visibility option.

How can I put my artworks back in stock?

When editing an artwork listing, you’ll see a Tab for Inventory. Ensure that SOLD is unchecked and if you have the Manage Stock option in use, update the number of items in inventory.

How do I write an artwork description?

This is your opportunity to tell people what inspired the work. What techniques did you use? Why did you choose this subject matter?

Alluring product descriptions are essential to exciting buyers and aiding them in their understanding of what makes your artwork special, and why they need to purchase it. A great way to approach this is to start with the why — your reason for creating that particular piece or what it means to you.

Give enough information (but don’t over do it) and use words that breathe life into an otherwise static (yet beautiful) image on a web page.

Consider these 5 questions:

  1. Why did you create it? What inspired you? Why do you particularly love this piece? Why should the buyer care?
  2. What is it? Don’t assume that the buyer can figure it out. Things can appear vastly different from one computer screen to the next.
  3. How big is it? Will it fit over the buyers mantle piece, or is it better suited on their desk?
  4. What materials and techniques were used? How does it affect the finish? The texture? How does it look when the light hits it?
  5. How does it work? Are there any special unpacking, hanging or care instructions? How will it be packaged? What method of shipment will be used?

Visit other artists listings for examples to inspire you.

How do I activate Holiday Mode?

Message us at and we can Suspend your Store while you are away. If you would like to leave your store online while you’re away, then as an alternative you could edit each of your Artworks and Uncheck the For Sale so that no purchases can be made while you’re away. This is a little labour intensive but does keep you visible.

How do I become a Featured Artist on your site?

When you are logged in to your vendor account you will see along the top menu bar Become a Featured Artist. Click this link and your request will be submitted to our curatorial team for review. If approved, you will receive an email requesting payment. It’s best if you are already logged into your vendor account before clicking the link. Once you click the link, you will see the option to purchase a 7 day feature or a 30 day feature, make your choice and complete the payment. The admin team will receive confirmation of payment and will add you to the featured artists.

Take special note of the instructions in the email and you may also be featured on our fan page to an audience of 1.5 million fans. Please be aware, we will only do one feature per month for any artist on the fan page, so if you choose the 7 day feature vs the 30 day feature, you may not be featured again on the fan page unless sufficient time has passed.

How do I get featured on your social media profiles?

We try to feature a variety of art from around the world, not just art from our website. This continues to entertain and inform our audience and helps keep it growing. To be a featured artist, you can request to be featured here via your vendor account. If you’re not a vendor on our platform and wish to be featured, message us directly on our Facebook page and we will review your suitability.

How do I write a blog post for the site?

From your Dashboard menu there is the option Blogs. Click that and you will be taken to a different dashboard  where you can write a blog post. If you’re unfamiliar and feel lost with the editor, review video tutorials on YouTube for the Gutenberg Editor, or visit one of the following suggested links:

These tutorials will give you an edge using the editor to create your blog post. You’ll learn the best way to create a post and with your own creativity and knowledge, be able to write a solid blog post that enhances your marketing via our website. Post about Events you have coming up, or artwork projects you are working on, your artwork you’ve just added to your store.

All written blog posts are submitted to Pending status awaiting our administrative review. If there is an issue with your post we will let you know so you can make adjustments and resubmit it. If your post is not being actioned in a timely manner, please message us and we will investigate.

What do I need to write for my Shipping, Refund, and Cancellation/Return Policies?

where possible to state they have a 7 day return policy. We researched extensively and based on our preferences and many artists preferences developed a template text that you can copy/paste and edit to your satisfaction. Remember, if you are living in a country that restricts returns from international sales, please remember to state that. If you can arrange alternatives for returns, mention that and encourage the Buyer to contact you via our messaging system.

  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy

The template text for these policies can be found in Announcements when logged in to your Vendor dashboard.

Do I have to ship to all the Shipping Zones listed on the site?

No! A couple of things here. One, we purposely do not sell to some countries due to various reasons, which range from war, sanctions, to high theft and even no options to insure shipments. So you don’t have to worry as much. Second, the Shipping Zones are set up in such a way that if you set up the Flat Rate and then disable it, the potential buyer would see a message in their Shopping Cart that says you do not ship to their country and they will be unable to buy the artwork. Our message encourages them to Message you directly from your profile so you can still explore options if you and the buyer want to overcome the risks.

How do I determine a Flat Rate for each zone when there are so many countries?

There is no easy way to do this. We don’t want to have so many shipping zones set up that it takes 3 days to set up your selling profile and shipping zones so we have amalgamated many regions into one Shipping Zone. For most of us, this will work fine.

Do your homework. Most of your artwork tends to be in the same size range so your shipping dimensions and weight will be easy to use to research shipping rates to various countries. Be sure to include Insurance coverage into your shipping costs. After conducting research for rates to various countries in each Shipping Zone you can average out the best rate to apply for that region. Don’t worry if you’re charging too much for some and not enough for others. It will potentially balance itself out.

There may be instances where a new Shipping Zone within one of these zones is required, like you will see for North America where we have a zone for Canada, United States, and Mexico, and as well as for Europe, where we have listed United Kingdom and mainland Europe. If you feel a new zone needs to be added to one of the Shipping Zones, please use our Contact Us page to reach out with your request and recommendations.

Do I have to buy insurance for my shipments?

Absolutely. If a shipment gets lost or damaged we are required to refund the Buyer. You will be required to Refund your sale payment to Arts, Artists, Artwork and we will have to refund the buyer. The loss comes out of your pocket so insurance will cover you against such losses.

Remember, the buyer will have contacted you. So coordinate with them to have them hang onto the damaged shipment, packaging, and to provide you with photos so you can initiate your insurance claim.

Do I have to charge for Shipping? I usually price my artwork with Shipping & Insurance included.

No, you don’t. If  you’re an artist who prices artwork with Shipping & Insurance included in the sale price you will have to set up the shipping zones with the Free Shipping method instead of a Flat Rate shipping method. If you don’t do this, no one will be able to complete a purchase.

How do you recommend we package the artwork for shipping?

Look in the footer of our site for the link to the Packing and Shipping Artworks. There are many variations and it is important to take the appropriate measures to ensure your shipment is well protected. The articles on this page will give you ample ideas to get the best results.

What courier should I use to ship my artworks?

When arranging the delivery of your artwork to customers it is important that you choose a courier that is both fairly priced and trustworthy. To help speed up the submission process, you should always aim to do this before you start setting up your shipping zone rates.

Most couriers now offer online quotations, meaning that it now takes only a few seconds (and clicks) to find out how much it will cost to ship your artwork anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of services that offer tracked shipping:


  • DHL – Visit their Main Page and choose the link Get a Quote  to research your shipping cost.
  • FedEx – Visit their Get a Quote Page and choose your country and add the necessary shipping details to research your shipping cost.
  • UPS – Visit their Get a Quote Page and choose your country and add the necessary shipping details to research your shipping cost.


  • In Canada you have all the above International carrier options and can get quotes from them, too.
  • Canada Post – Visit their Find a Rate Page and choose your destination address and necessary shipping details to research your shipping cost.
  • netParcel – Visit their Home Page and choose your destination address and necessary shipping details to research your shipping cost.
  • Purolator – Visit their Home Page where you’ll find Get An Estimate section to research your shipping costs.

United Kingdom

  • Royal Mail – Get a quote here.
  • Parcel Force Worldwide – Get a quote here.
  • Collect+ – Research here.
  • MyHermes – Get a quote here.
  • Parcel2GO – Get a quote here.

United States

  • USPS – Research starts here.
  • – Research here.
  • Ship Yonder – Research here.


  • Australia Post – Research starts here.

All Countries

Do you have suggestions to add to this for particular countries? Please message us via our Contact Us page with the link to the site and tell us which country they originate and service. Thank you.What is the shipping procedure?It’s up to you as the seller to pack, label and ship your sold artwork in a safe and timely manner. Our expectation is to try and have the artwork shipped within 2-3 business days. Please do your best to accomplish this.

  1. Prepare the package and ship the item as soon as possible. If you need a little more time to sort things out, be sure to let your buyer know. To make sure your artwork arrives in one piece, consider packing artworks with bubble wrap and/or other fortified materials. See the Packing and Shipping Artworks link in the footer for more concise instructions.Including a handwritten thank you note, stickers, business card, and other personal touches is also a great way to show your buyer that you appreciate their business and may even inspire repeat business or referrals.
  2. Follow up with the buyer on shipping details. Following up with the Buyer is also recommended via email and encourage them to keep in touch. This goes a long way to ensuring they will leave a great review on your profile.
  3. Ship using a tracked and signed for delivery method. We recommend you use tracked and signed for shipping. This is required in order to be eligible for Seller Protection. Tracking numbers aren’t always free, so remember to take that price into consideration when setting shipping prices.Login to your account and add the shipping tracking number and tracking website link to your order. This helps notify and keep good records on our system of the shipped item.
  4. Only send the item to the address shown in your sold items list to be protected by Seller Protection. Shipping to a different address after completion of the sale will void the Seller Protection leaving both you and Arts, Artists, Artwork at risk. If the buyer asks you to ship to another address, tell them you will have to coordinate a refund for them, ask them to update their shipping address and then buy the item again.
  5. Keep your proof of postage. This way, if something goes wrong with the transaction you will be able to prove the item was sent. Keep in mind that, in order to be valid, your proof of postage needs to contain the buyer’s address and date of shipping, as well as a tracking number.
  6. Follow up. Make sure that the buyer has received the item and that they’re happy with it. It’s a nice thing to do, plus it gives you peace of mind that your shipping efforts were worth it. You can also ask them if they would mind leaving you a review if they haven’t done so already.
How do I write a Commercial Invoice?What is a Commercial Invoice?

When used in foreign trade, a commercial invoice is a customs document. It is used as a customs declaration provided by the person or corporation that is exporting an item across international borders.[1] Although there is no standard format, the document must include a few specific pieces of information such as the parties involved in the shipping transaction, the goods being transported, the country of manufacture, and the Harmonized System codes for those goods. A commercial invoice must often include a statement certifying that the invoice is true, and a signature. (Source: Wikipedia, see more)

It is very important that these documents are 100% accurate as perjury on a legal document can come with a fine or, in some cases, a jail sentence.

Most Shippers will have resources on their website to guide you to properly prepare a Commercial Invoice. We also suggest using Google to search for “How do I write a Commercial Invoice?” for other sources, particularly relevant to your regional requirements.

Do I have to do anything once my order’s been shipped?

You must login to your Account and visit your Orders section to mark the item Shipped. On the Orders screen, you will see icons to the right of each order. The Truck Icon opens a window for you to add the Tracking Number and the Tracking website URL. Please fill those in to complete the order. This lets us know you’ve shipped the order and also notifies the customer of the shipped order and they can also keep an eye on the tracking site with the tracking number.How can I edit my shipping prices?From the vendor dashboard go to Billing Settings — Shipping. Click the Shipping Zone title or the Eye Icon to the right and you will see your Shipping Methods table. From here you can quickly disable shipping to that zone with that method or you can enable it if had been turned off previously. The Crayon Icon at the right will allow you to Edit the Shipping Method pricing. Click Save Changes once you’ve updated the price.

Please note: We have not figured out the Shipping Class Cost options on the pricing setup for Shipping Method and recommend you only use the Flat Rate and Fee in the top portion. We will continue to research the Shipping Class Cost to determine it’s usefulness to our members.

How do I manage my return address?

Under Billing Settings — Policies you not only write your Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, and Cancellation/Return/Exchange Policy, but scrolling down a little further you provide your Phone, Email, and Address. You can update these screens at any time.Can I ship to a different address if the customer requests it?Due to PayPal’s policies, we are required to ship to the exact address tied to the PayPal payment they receive from a buyer to ensure they’re covered by PayPal’s seller protections. If you wish to change the shipping address for a purchase, a refund and payment resubmission is required.

Shipping outside of my country, what Countries or Regions have less risk?

This is a great question. It’s always important to research shipping and mistakes to avoid. Here is a great article “6 International Shipping Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them.“

Arts, Artists, Artwork has done extensive research ourselves to determine where not to sell to, in order to avoid potential issues commonly experienced and have a list of approximately 75 countries we do not sell to. In addition, if you want to make further decisions about where you will or won’t ship to, here are other discussions online on the subject you can review.

If you experience a sale via our website to a country you’ve identified as an issue through your research, please advise us. You will need to refund the payment our site made to you so we can refund the buyer. And with your supporting research, we may need to adjust our “Who we sell to” site settings to restrict sales to that country. Conversely, if you find we are not selling to a country you feel we should sell to, bring your supporting research to our attention and we will review our “Who we sell to” settings. You can message us at

Do you still have questions? Please visit our Contact Us page to submit your question and we’ll endeavor to answer it within one business day.