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I was born in 1967 in the city of Gorodishche in Ukraine in Europe.
Graduated from the children’s art school. In 1993 graduated from the Kiev National University of Technology and Design with a degree in “designer”. Academy of Psychosocial Technologies (St. Petersburg) in 2008 (Psychology of Conflict). I live in Kyiv. Profession: Artist. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Material specialization: Acrylic on canvas. Painting stile: hyperrealism, photorealism, realism, semi-abstraction. Historical oil painting techniques embodied in acrylic. Plots: Still life, nature, environment, people.For many years I have been working as an artist and a fashion designer at sewing enterprises, including 15 years in my factory of outerwear. At the same time, I was painting with it.
My artworks are in the private collections of collectors of many countries.
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Participated in 30+ group and 3 personal exhibitions.
I am always ready to negotiate the price of paintings.

A little more about me.

I spend over 11 hours a day at my easel. I can see at a glance whether the plot or composition will look on the canvas. I know what global trends are, what prestigious galleries at Art Basel offer and what is trending for modern interiors. And this is not fortune-telling. This is knowledge and experience! Once I realized that making money on “Popular Subjects” is certainly good, but it is much more pleasant for me to give people not just beauty, but also originality, meanings, style, delight! To create one picture, I take more than a hundred photographs in order to choose the best one. But these efforts are more than justified by the Wow effect from the contemplation of the picture. My first education and long practice was a fashion designer. Fashion and style is built-in. There are no exes in this case! I myself earn and value money! And not only their own, but also their collectors. I confidently call myself a professional in painting and constantly keep my knowledge in good shape and develop, develop, develop.

Artist’s statement.

I share my surprise at nature in painting, based in large part on her experience in fashion and design. In every work I try to comprehend the world, to portray the subject more realistically than it really is. And I do not just draw a beautiful picture, but in my works I reflect. Inspired by pop culture, politics, icons and modern trends, the idea behind my work remains the same – to create simple and understandable messages delivered in a clean and visually satisfying manner. In my acrylics, I compete with the camera, trying to prove to myself that humans can compete with technology. I love hyperrealism because it’s a very complex style and people like it. I paint hyperrealism with acrylics because it’s even harder than oils. Every time I start a new job, I think that it is impossible to do it. And every time at the end of the work I get pleasure – WOW I did it! ..



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