Silence in My Mind, 60 x 80 cm acrylic by Mo Tuncay

Mo Tuncay is a self-taught and extraordinarily gifted abstract artist who paints, not so much scenes, as he does notions of scenes—paintings that allow his viewers to experience the emotions of being in these ideal spots. We viewers may not agree on what we’re seeing, but, for the most part, we all recognize a similar–if not identical–feeling from a …
Girl on bench 50 x 30cm watercolor by Graham Berry

Graham Berry is an extraordinary watercolor artist working out of his home in the UK. Below we’ve included a gallery of some of his favorite paintings for your viewing pleasure. Afternoon nap 28 x 38cm watercolor by Graham Berry How long have you been painting? I’ve always loved to draw and paint, my talent such …


Solo Exhibition: Waves of Infinity The Sowl Gallery is celebrating the launch of Milly Martionou’s new exhibition entitled Waves of Infinity. The internationally acclaimed artist is best known for her intensely colored and exuberant artworks. The exhibition will include eleven important large-scale paintings selected from the collection Dreamscapes, alongside her recent work Elements with the …