The tree


Oil on canvas; 2021 year; Free shipping.


Width : 55 cm
Height : 60 cm




This painting is painted entirely fictitious, with no specific image from the environment. Rather, this tree is a metaphor for standing on one’s feet and a foothold in oneself. Autumn represents a change of seasons and the beginning of a new phase of life.

I intended to depict the image of a densely rooted young tree, which covers its roots with fallen leaves to show all its power and strength. The bright, yet complex colors of the sky evoke a cozy feeling of home, where I am safe.

When I thought the painting was finished, I left it away for a couple of weeks, then added it with abstract strokes that gave me the impression of a digital image and a slightly corrupted file.

However, the tree remains just as fresh and unchanged. This painting is about pain and endurance, about overcoming challenges and remaining true to oneself.

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