Steven Christian Reed, an Artist and Teacher


Steven Christian Reed is an exceptionally talented artist, British born, living and working in the South of France. He has studied extensively and is always experimenting with mood, light, abstraction, as he produces beautiful paintings inspired more often by his surroundings. Every year, he also hosts retreats where his family runs a beautiful estate in the farming country of southern France. Visitors come for a painting holiday and Steven applies his skill as an art teacher furthering his own range in the process.

Steven Christian Reed explores with different mediums, primarily acrylic, water colour, ink, and mixed media. He is pushing the edges of work he produces by pushing the different mediums he is using to produce complex structures of colour and form. Quite often, parts of his work verge toward, or have a strong element of abstraction woven in.

Steven Christian Reed is a well traveled artist, as well. He has exhibited widely throughout the UK, France and Brazil in solo, joint and group shows. His paintings are in many collections in France, the United States, Cyprus, South Africa, Canada and United Kingdom. Steven works regularly to commissions for prestigious clientele and patrons including royalty.







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  1. Roger Glenn Parmenter Avatar
    Roger Glenn Parmenter

    Does Steven Reed sign his paintings S.Reed +

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